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 Louise Rail and family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in August 2018

  Louise Rail
  Louise Rsil  Louise Rail 

What a lovely week we have had at Ellie's Haven. Thank you so much to everyone involved in this wonderful charity. The boys had a lovely time. Curtis is always more relaxed when he is away from home and not surrounded by his usual 'stresses'. The garden is just stunning and it's so lovely to see the pictures of your two beautiful angels on the walls. What a wonderful legacy they have left. Xx

The Clemens Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in August 2018
  Ellie's Haven Testimonial  THANK YOU!!!!! This has been one of the best times of are lives! Ellie's haven was incredible and I captured so many memories!! Suzanne absolutely loved every moment of it!! We've done lots of things we never thought we would of done like catching crabs and going on a boat!!! Xx This was a dream place!! Xx😍💕😘 

Andrea Baker and family

 Stayed at Ellie's Haven in August 2018

  Andrea Baker at Ellie's Haven

 Andrea Baker at Ellie's Hvaen  Andrea Baker at Ellie's Haven  
We had such an amazing time, thank you so much! It really was the break we needed to recharge. We would highly recommend Ellie's Haven and we would love to stay again.

Lindsey Shaw and family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in June 2018
Ellie's Haven testimonial

 Again we cannot thank you enough for allowing us stay at Ellie's haven.

Having the facilities and having it charitable allowed us to have the most amazing holiday we have had and as a family. It made life so much more easier having everything available for Emily from the bed, p-pod to hoists and even your lists of best and easiest accessible places.

None of these words can really describe just how grateful and thankful we are 💞 thank you. Best and easiest place we have been with our girls together and having them included together too in almost everything

The Murphy Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in August 2017

    Thanks so much for a wonderful family holiday.  Hugh was the most relaxed on holiday that he's ever been - I think the bed, which is so like his one at home, really helped.  The sensory room is amazing - Hugh loved watching the nature films on the big projector and using the iPad to change the colours on the bubble tube.
There is so much to see and do in Cornwall and we had lots of plans, but in the end we spent most of or time at the beach in Looe and crab fishing along the river! 
We've had a really lovely holiday and would love to come back again.  Thank you so very much.

Love - Emma, Stephen, Sean and High xxxx

The Clark Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in August 2017
Thank you so much for our wonderful stay.  Being able to spend time in a safe, relaxing environment is truly wonderful.  The children loved playing together in the garden.  Harley enjoyed his time in the sensory room and both sets of grandparents that came to visit were blown away by how lovely it is here.

We have had the best time.  Thank you so much.Lisa, Cary, Harley and Hope x

The Mathias Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in August 2017

   A home away from home, thank you so much Nigel and everyone who works so hard to make Ellie's Haven such a wonderful place. The space and facilities made our holiday so much easier, you had everything we needed for Sophie and the whole family had a great time!
from David, Kelly, Harry, Sophie, Alfie and George

The Nicole Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in July 2017

Thank you so much for letting us stay at Ellie's Haven - we have had a fantastic week!You have certainly achieved your aim of creating a special place - the thought you have given to every detail is spot on!  The specialist equipment made life so much easier for Izzy and us.  We found your recommendations really helpful too - especially the sand chair at East Looe which Izzy loved!Thank you again!Jon, Emma, Izzy and Joyce x

The Parkinson Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in July 2017
     It really is a haven - beautiful house and location, all the facilities we need, which is a lot!

Thank you so much for letting us stay.It means a lot to get a family holiday as it’s very difficult with all our special requirements!

Alfie loved the sensory room and even smiled - made my holiday!

It is an amazing place and thank you, Nigel, for making us so at home and being helpful.

Thank you again.  Alfie, Mark, Natalie and Flo xx

The Reynolds Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in June 2017

A wonderful place and a wonderful stay.

Thank you so much for the chance to stay at Ellie's Haven

You have thought and provided so much so we as a family can simply concentrate on having a great holiday.

Simon, Debbie, Rhiannon, Rebecca

The Cuddihy Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in May 2017
     Thank you, thank you, thank you.It’s a home away from home, fantastic house, great location, quiet, peaceful, safe and relaxing. A great time was had by all the family.We will miss Cornwall.

Thank you so much x

The Rishworth Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in May 2017
  Guests at Ellie's Haven  

Thank you so much for providing everything we needed at Ellie's Haven to make our holiday relaxing and home away from home.  The spacious accommodation allowed Jack to use his walker both indoors and outdoors.  He made great progress with developing his leg muscles to bum shuffle around the living room.  He loved being in the sensory room and I enjoyed being able to share special time with him.  It was fantastic having the specialist equipment for sleeping and bathing - it made changing/bathing him so much easier.  The whole experience was wonderful but it flew by too quickly.  Thank you for creating Ellie's Haven and for continuing to make it even better than it already is.  Mary, Garry, Connor & Jack.


The Clarke Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in May 2017

  Guests of Ellie's Haven  

Thank you ellies haven for a magical weekend.
Beautiful house. 1 of my many highlights of the weekend was being able to take amber into the sensory room before bed. What a way to wind down!! Just amazing.. Can't wait to come back
Love amber, jaden, liam & Sam ( the Clarke family)


The Brentall Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven April-May 2017

     Words cannot express our gratitude - what you have achieved here at Ellie’s Haven is amazing.  The accommodation and facilities far surpassed our expectations - you have thought of everything. What you have created is giving families the chance to be together away from the chaos of everyday life.

You are truly wonderful people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Chris, Hannah, Jacob, Samuel, Max, John, Bev and Paige xxxxxx

The Archibald Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in April 2017

  Ellie's Haven testimonial  We have had such a lovely time here at Ellie’s Haven.We cannot thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to stay here! Somewhere we feel relaxed and safe!  Zachary loved having more space, freedom to access different areas like the sensory room and the big beautiful garden!  He really loved the huge bears around the house and sensory room.Little brother Seb loved every minute with lots of space to run around!

We have made some very happy memories here as a family and can’t thank you enough. Ellie’s Haven is just that, so perfect and well thought out, every detail thought of.We hope can come back.Thank you.Zachary and Seb xxx 

The Lobb Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in April 2017

 Lobb Family   Thank you so much; we have really appreciated this holiday.

This house gave our children plenty of space to explore and lots to experience.We are amazed as to how much is here.

Our children really enjoyed the garden and the sensory studio, which was mind-blowing.

I trust that this place will bless many more families in the future who have exceptional lives to lead.

The Van Rooyen Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in February 2017

Amazing place!  It was a real shame Senna decided to spend the week in Derriford.  We will be back.  Thank you for everything Nigel.

The Pascoe Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in February 2017
    We have had a fab week in Ellie’s Haven! It’s a beautiful holiday home.We have made many memories and have been made very welcome .

Bringing our family on holiday has become impossible over time but with all the adaptations and safe bed this has been a true one-off special time for us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. xxx 

The Green Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in January 2017
   Thank you for a wonderful week, a great respite, a chance to recharge our batteries.  We would love to come back again.

Lynne, Paul and Daisy

The Godfrey Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in December 2016

    Thank you very much, we loved our stay here at beautiful Ellie’s Haven. Peaceful and private location, well adapted and carefully thought out.

 Joe loved the sensory room and being able to access this whenever was so special - I think he thought all his birthdays had come at once!!

It is well equipped with nice little personal touches too (lovely Xmas display and tree).

This is a great way to help families to spend some quality time together. 

Jane, Rich and Joel xxx 

The Harding Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in October 2016

    What a special little gem! Ellie’s Haven is just that, a beautiful, peaceful haven.

It’s been Reggie and mine’s first trip away together and we couldn’t have felt more comfortable and safe! Reggie thoroughly enjoyed having so much space to crawl around and play, and the sensory room is amazing!!

You have created a very special place with a calm, relaxing atmosphere.It has been just what we have needed and we will be sad to leave.  But we also look forward in excitement to come and visit again soon.

Thank you so much for sharing your Haven with us! I'm sure Ellie and Thomas are looking down with such pride.

All our love - Hannah and Reggie 

The Walker Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in October 2016
    Big thanks from the Walkers

 Our first holiday since we had Alfie - it’s been so nice to enjoy family time ….and no appointments!!

You have done something so amazing and it will bring lots of fun to lots of children and families. You have made a truly ‘special place for special children’ but I think it has come from an even more special family - thank you.

With love - Chris, Jane, Harry, Alfie and Sonny 

The Love Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in October 2016

Thank you Ellie’s Haven.We have had a brilliant week.Your house is stunning and you have everything to help families like ours have a relaxing holiday.The location is perfect and we have loved all the places we visited.
Would highly recommend The Plough in Duloe - lovely people and great food! Thanks again!
Nicky, David, Archie and Ella Love.

The Joseph Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in October 2016

Thank you so much!We have had a lovely holiday. House and garden are amazing, the girls loved the sensory room. It’s great to be able to relax and not worry about having the equipment Casey needs. Looe is stunning, and we enjoyed visiting Porfell Animal Park.We cannot wait to come again!

Extra special thanks to Nigel who made us feel very welcome and a big thank you to everyone involved with this awesome charity.

Kind regards Ellie, Marcus, Jaimie and Casey xxx

The Morris Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in September 2016

    Thank you Nigel and Julie. We have had a lovely time in the beautiful house you have created.

This is what it’s all about - spending quality family time together, away from the everyday worry and stress, creating happy memories.

Thank you so much Nicky, Jon, Rosie, Mikey and Penny xxx 

The Routley-Ariadhi Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in September 2016

  Guests at Ellie's Haven  Thank you Ellie’s Haven for a lovely couple of days.The house is amazing and so spacious.It has been a great place to come and get away from the normal everyday life at home. 

My girls (especially Megan) loved the sensory room and also the garden and we will be back for sure (if you will have us :-) ) if we can fit it in as I know you are a busy place.
Guests at Ellie's Haven  

The Morley Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in August 2016

 Guests at Ellie's Haven Back home after a fantastic family break away at Ellies Haven. Thanks so much to Nigel and everyone at the charity for our stay. Amber and Michael loved the space to play and especially the garden and of course the wonderful sensory room! We would definitely love to stay again.
 Guests at Ellie's Haven 

Ellis Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in July 2016


Ellie's Haven review 

 Thank you so much to Nigel and Ellie's Haven for having us this week.
George loved the sensory room as you can see!
We've all had a fantastic time, the house is just amazing, thanks xx
 Ellie's Haven review 

The Lowe Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in July 2016
    We have had a fantastic holiday here.The facilities, equipment and accommodation are 1st class and it was great to see Penelope settled and happy away from home, which allowed us all to enjoy every minute.

Her sisters, Isabella and Lillian, love the garden and the space to run and play while Penny got to use the sensory room and all the brilliant equipment.
We can’t wait to come back again and are so thankful that we got this opportunity to stay in this brilliant and unique house.

Thanks Nigel and Julie! 

The McCabe Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in July 2017
     There are no words to describe our amazing holiday. The house, “Ellie’s House” ,is a true haven.Thank you so much. No stress, no troubles, beautiful family time, first class equipment, amazing hosts.

A million thank yous.Can’t wait to come back…. Julie and Nigel, you are an inspiration to us all xxxx

The Sweet Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in June-July 2016

    Wonderful holiday, house beautiful, felt like home.

Looe is a beautiful place - we explored lots. Tilly loved the tea rooms and we adults enjoyed the seafood.

Thank you to a wonderful charity for making us so welcome. Thank you for all you do.

Love Louise, Barb and Tilly xxxx 

Freddie's Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in May 2016
  Freddie's Family Freddie's family writes a blog about their experiences. 

Please click here to read their review of Ellie's Haven

Gwilliam Family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in May 2016
Thank you for an absolutely amazing holiday!  I was overwhelmed at how perfect the house was. It had everything we needed to care for Freddie and his siblings loved the open space and garden.

It was so nice to be able to come on holiday without the worries of how we can manage without equipment.

Thank you for all you do.

Hayley, Evie, Freddie, Casper and Kristina

Hope to see you again x

  Guests at Ellie's Haven

Liz Pike and family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in March 2016

Myself, my husband and our three children recently stayed at Ellie's Haven with my husband's family and their two children. All I can say is what an amazing place! Such a beautiful space, it felt really peaceful. The lounge is amazing and as we had five children in the party, there was a fair amount of chaos going on but it never felt cramped. The children said 'This is the best holiday house ever.' The outside area is really well done and they had lots of fun out there. My daughter is Type 1 diabetic and as we don't tend to get much sleep - we really appreciated the rest and the peaceful nights. The location is great, we popped down to Looe but our favourite days out were to Polperro, an amazing fishing harbour and Lansallos, a lovely track down to a cove. We really recommend The Coddy Shack too for child friendly eating. Thanks so much to Ellie's Haven, the week has been a real blessing to us.

Carolyn Schuoler and family

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in March 2016

 I was so relaxed after our stay at Ellies I couldn't actually put it into words or the experience would have been lost (if that makes any sense at all?!!)
I took my children with Autism to Ellies Haven last month and was amazed at how much work had gone into the Haven it was cosy, fresh & disabled friendly, it far exceeded my expectations.
I'm no expert on physical disabilities but there seemed to be everything a physically disabled child would need with plenty of space for wheelchairs to get around, hoists, adaptable bed, bath etc... As far as children with Autism go it was safe - which was my main concern - after a quick mental risk assessment (as we do!) the door was locked & key hidden away from little fingers then we were literally in our safe little haven.
The garden was fantastic for the children to run around & explore, I would suggest taking a scooter, ball etc as there's nothing available to play on (yet?!). The house was so modern & the furniture top quality, the beds were so comfortable I wanted to take them home with me, there were so many gadgets in the well stocked kitchen I was in gadget heaven lol, first time using a Tassimo machine, I felt like stone age woman finding fire for the first time working out how to work it & whooping with joy.
There are tonnes of books to read my Kindle wish list if now full of 'must reads', huge TV again rather technical for me but my 7 year old sussed it, we have a Netflix account so logged into that for child friendly viewing.
I could have stayed for ever & never actually left the house, it was so relaxing - perfect break away.Thank you all x

The Chapman family

 First guests at Ellie's HavenGuests in Sensory Studio 

Stayed at Ellie's Haven in November 2015

Our son Jack is diagnosed with autism, severe anxiety disorder and considerable sensory needs. As a result of this Jack has never coped with family holidays and we stopped putting him (and ourselves) through the trauma. This has meant that his two sisters (one older and one younger) have missed out on many family holidays we otherwise would have taken. Add this to all the other compromises we've had to make as a family with a disabled child and it’s not hard to imagine the negative effect it was having on our family unit.
We felt very privileged to be given the opportunity to be the first family to stay at Ellie's Haven. Nigel, Julie and the Ellie's Haven team did a fantastic job ensuring the haven was ready for Jack and the rest of our family ­they really made it a home from home, from the towels and bedding to the stocked fridge and cupboards, they really thought of everything a family would need. The children from the local school had even created some lovely cards and welcome messages for us.
Keeping any child safe requires diligence, keeping an autistic child safe requires super­sense! Jack has run away a number of times and leant out of top floor windows to touch electric wires ­so for us, a major feature of Ellie’s Haven is how secure it is. Nigel made sure all windows were locked and that we knew the location of the key (should we need it), he took the time to show us all the doors and exits and was only a phone call away if we’d have needed him (which we didn’t).
The outside space is lovely and whilst it wasn’t exactly barbeque weather, all three children enjoyed playing in the garden which is safe and secured by a fence all the way around.
The sensory room is amazing! Jack loved it (as did his sisters!!!) which meant that we as parents were able to relax and get some much needed respite… once we’d played a 100 or so “Simon says” games on the interactive floor!
The haven is warm, spacious, secure and inviting and didn’t feel clinical at all with lots of homely touches. It really was a wonderful short break for us. Jack coped (apart from one little wobble before bed on the first night) and when it was time to go home he wanted to know when we would be coming back. We all hope we can.

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