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Q:  Where is Ellie’s Haven

A:  See Directions

Q: Where can I park?

A: Please pass through the gateway into the grounds and park on the paved area.  There’s room for several cars here.

Q:  Where do I go once I’ve arrived?

A:  Please see the Ellie’s Haven floor-plan.  Go to the entrance area and an Ellie’s Haven staffer will welcome you.

Q: Will I have exclusive use of the sensory studio?

A: Yes, but if we have a family on holiday at Ellie’s Haven please respect their privacy; they will have exclusive use of the garden.

Q: Is the sensory studio wheel-chair accessible?

A:  Yes, and there’s a hoist over the audio-vibration water-bed.  If you intend to use it please bring your own slings.

Q: What washroom facilities are there?

A:  Please see the Ellie’s Haven floor-plan.  There’s a wet-room with a roll-in shower and WC adjoining the entrance area outside the sensory studio.

Q: What medical facilities are on-site?

A: Ellie’s Haven does not provide medical support, apart from having a first aid box available.  The site is tagged by the ambulance service, which should mean fast response times in emergencies.

Q: What sensory equipment is available and how do we use it? 

A: Please see our Facilities page.  You will be shown how to use equipment in your first session.

Q: How much does it cost?

A:  It’s free of charge for eligible children.  Please see our Costs and Eligibility page.

Q: How much time do we have in the sensory studio?

A: We provide three 90 minute sessions every weekday starting at 10am, 12noon and 2pm.

Q: Will Ellie’s Haven staff be present in the sensory studio?

A:  Not as a rule.  We will show you how to operate equipment and but you must stay with your child at all times; their care is your responsibility.

Q: How do I book a session?

A:  You need to register using the form on this website. Once we’ve approved your registration you can book sessions by phone or email.

Q: Who will I be dealing with at Ellie’s Haven?

A:  It’s likely to be Nigel Libby, our co-founder and general manager, or one of our volunteers.  Everybody that is likely to come in contact with you child will have been DBS certified.

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