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Question 7 asked respondents to name equipment they would like Ellie's Haven to provide. These are the responses:

  • Our own bathroom.
  • Oxygen
  • Cot changing areas
  • Our circumstances are different to your average family who would use your facilities. Our daughter has recently had a liver transplant and doesn't have the extra needs of many children. She would need to be kept away from other children with infections and would need entertainment in the holiday building for days when she was too tired to go out. But she wouldn't need extra equipment like hoists, she would need some extra things that are more minor for instance extra bedding (for night time accidents).
  • Ramps, soft play area , out door park swings, profile beds, raised baths, hoists, floor level showers , grab rails, gerbit toilet closet.
  • Hoist, roll in shower with shower chair, adjustable bed would be nice but not essential
  • Hoist, changing facilities, bath not only shower (my child hates showers) rise n fall bed.
  • Hoist,electric bed, mesh shower chair.
  • Safe sleeping area ie bed rails and safe seats for eating at table ie portable booster or something with a strap.
  • Ceiling track hoist, air mattress plenty of plugs for equipement. phone for emergency.
  • Hoists, O2 concentrator, suction machine, standing frame, feed pumps , sleep system.
  • Hoist, bed, changing facilities
  • None required
  • One large bedroom or ajoining rooms, bringing own respite support will not be possible, if no medical staff doctors or hospital should be nearby, perhaps have discussions with a local surgery about medical cover.
  • Swings, wedges, rolls, walking frames, bath supports, hoists, trampolines, trikes some with trunk support, sleeping systems?
  • We would not need special equipment, however we would need the rooms to be securable, as she might do a runner !
  • Our son is autistic so wouldn't be applicible
  • Special diet required, so would need suitable shopping facilities
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Hoist, changing bench, standard commode chair, monitor linking childs bedroom to adult for night time
  • A changing station that is suitable for a ten year old boy so I do not have to change him on the floor.
  • Tumble form seat
  • Profiling beds, hoists, level access shower room

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