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Chart depicting responses to question 1 of the Ellie's Haven online survey

Quotes from Survey Respondents 

In the survey's first question, respondents were asked to say whether holidays were extremely important, important or not very important to them. After, they were invited to explain their response. Here's a selection of answers:

"For once in a while its nice to get away from work, all the care, and spend some time having fun!"

"It is [opportunity] for me and my twin sons ( one of whom is disabled) to spend quality time together and for them to forget what is happening at home."

"We spend so much time at appointments, meetings, making phone calls, feeding the girls, medicating, planning. We can't afford a holiday and family time is so important."

"We would love to go on holiday it seems impossible at the moment. Ten minutes down the road to my mum's involves a car full of equipment."

"It can be extremely difficult to find suitable accomodation that has the facilities needed when caring for children with special needs e.g. hoists, roll in showers, adjustable beds."

"We need to be able to relax in a safe enviroment and also where we aren't attracting lots of attention from other holidayers!"

"It is the only time we can get away from phone calls, hospital appointments and everything that makes our family someone's 'case'. On holiday we can just be a family."

"Because my daughter has to be cared for full time and is unable to do anything for herself. This is a 24/7 job and is physically and mentally punishing."

"Being able to relax and a change of scenery is not [just] good for the child but also for the family especially any siblings. It also takes the stress out of every day life."

"It's refreshing for both carers and children to have a change of scenery, to mix with friends old and new. You return with renewed energy and a more positive frame of mind."

"We are in a very difficult position in that as well as having a disabled child we are farmers so although we do try to go away,it is very hard to plan and afford a holiday."

"It gives us all a change of scenery and helps lift our spirits to having something to look forward to."

"Caring for a child with complex medical needs can be very exhausting and parents sometimes forget that their child needs as many opportunities as possible to enjoy life as much as they are able."

"A change in scenery is good for everyone. Having both parents on call all the time is helpful for the main carer (i.e. mum) and by going somewhere different, helping my disabled child to try and learn new experieinces and socialisation."

"It would be great to have a suitable venue to take both of my children and know it would be safe, secure and calm."

"It important to be able to relax and have fun. Also its nice to change enviroment, stay away from hospitals and professionals for a while."

"It does the children good to get away from routine and have time with their parents without the everyday pressures."

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