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Ellie's Haven conducted an online survey of families with disabled children which was publicised on the Ellie's Haven website and also by articles in newsletters and websites of Contact a Family, a charity, and the Parent Carer Council, a network of 300 families with disabled children in Cornwall and Devon.  The survey started in November 2008 and is still ongoing.  As of Dec 10, 2009, there were 70 responses.

The questions asked were:

Question 1: How important are holidays/short breaks to your family?

Question 2: How would you prefer to look after your disabled child while taking a short break or holiday?

Question 3: What distance would you travel for a holiday in Looe, Cornwall, about 23 miles west of Plymouth?

Question 4: How important are the following aspects of where the holiday haven might be located?

Question 5: How many bedrooms does your family need?

Question 6: How do you feel about the following aspects of the haven's design?

Question 7: Please list any equipment, such as a hoist, that you would prefer Ellie's Haven to provide, so that you don't have to bring it

Question 8: How far away from Looe (23 miles west of Plymouth) do you live?

Question 9: In what age group are your children?

Question 10: What level of Disability Living Allowance do you get for each of your children?

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